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What is the District 57 Education Foundation?
The Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization governed by a trustee board of Mount Prospect community members.


A small but committed group of parents and community leaders started the District 57 Education Foundation in 1998. Their first fund-raising effort was selling candy at a carnival. Although the scope of the Education Foundation has grown, the mission remains the same – to enhance the education of District 57 students by generating and allocating resources through partnerships with businesses, the local community, school administration, teachers, parents, students and alumni.


Each year current members recruit new members to keep the fundraising efforts going after their three year term expires. We are always open to new members and excited when a parent has questions or is interested in joining.


Curriculum Support
The Foundation allocates resources to support the established curriculum of District 57. This includes support for teachers’ efforts to enhance the learning experience in their classrooms.
The Foundation supports the District’s Technology Strategic Plan, providing students and staff with the appropriate technological tools and skills to prepare them for the advancements of tomorrow.
The Foundation assists in providing an environment for building a healthy and safe student body. The wellness campaign encompasses the nutritional, physical and academic well-being of District 57 students, as well as addresses student safety inside and outside of schools.

School Supply
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